Owned by a Seasoned Key Grip who keeps an open mind to the unique needs of other key grips with different experiences which shape their various needs within a basic grip package.  By being open to the individual needs of other key grips we can easily set up a custom base package which in turn saves production money in add-on costs and time in negotiations.  This translates into you (the Key Grip or Bestboy) having the ability to afford productions the specialty items such as camera support,  adding critical value to your project and long lasting gratitude from your colleagues.


"I’ve seen how other Key Grips and Best Boys work in this industry and have built into my company a respect for the differences in how things get done with different individuals at the helm.  As Key Grips and/or Best Boys, our job is to find the safest most efficient way of getting things done while working with varying budgets.  Listening to the needs of a productions Key Grip is one thing,  understanding his/her needs through experience takes the rental process to a higher, more efficient level.  The best thing we can do for job security is build long lasting relationships with our DP's and Production companies.  The process must be easy and we must have the equipment and know how to make their dreams come to life on screen on any budget. "

-Robert Exner


Alliance grip, Vanishing Angle, Shark Pig, Digital Film Studios, Cranium, Fly speed systems, HD Optics, MODERN STUDIO EQUIPMENT