We don't just procure high quality equipment we make it better with our own modifications adding function and efficiency to an existing top notch product.

Dana Dolly

Modern Studio SpeedRail slider (Dana Dolly) - 12″x12″ Mitchell, 4-wheels per corner, 2 end brackets,  1 center supports, universal ball mount.  2 low boy combos.

Dolly Track

American Grip precision steel round dolly track.  All lengths and radius-es available.

Scooter Dollies

(Butt Dollies)

Custom single post camera operator dollies. 8 wheels for smooth motion and allows fast re-positioning for on the fly camera angle changes.

Doorway Dollies

4 way steering with cheese plate, seat post, seat offset, padded seat, attachable dolly track skate wheels.

Dolly Parts and Accessories

Seats, offsets, cup holders, ball mount adapters, adjustable Mitchell risers. 

Skate Wheels

Smooth, silent skate wheels for any dolly and all dolly track sizes.